Study Residency


12 artists, academics, writers, DJ’s and curators have been invited to join the core team for a study residency in Liverpool, 4th – 6th July 2023 to be held at both Bluecoat and FACT.

Prior to the residency, we invited participants to share with us something they think might connect or respond to some of the ideas we are currently exploring in relation to performance, possession + automation (pp+a) – see prompts.

This could be a piece of music, performance, a video, an image, or a text; something from your own work or simply something that interests you. Alternatively, if you have something you’d like to share, which you think connects with the broader themes of pp+a, please do. Ideally this is something that could be digitally shareable and up to 10 mins to watch, listen or read. This will give us a collective resource to feed into our discussions and spark new connections.

Please note that this for invited participants only and all contributions and conversations are private and only open to those involved in the project

Mojisola Adebayo

Emma Bennett

Shane Boyle

Lynnee Denise

James Goodwin

Eirini Kartsaki

Anja Sunyhun Michaelsen

Vincent Moystad

Christine Okoth

Romy Opperman

Arabella Stanger